Friday, September 14, 2007

Honeymoon Destination...Done and Done

Anna and I finalized our honeymoon this week and we're ridiculously excited about the 11 days we're going to spend in St. Lucia. We're flying out the Monday (May 5th) after our wedding
and returning on Friday, May 16th. We thought about extended it a few days longer but decided having a weekend at home to unwind before going back to the real world would be a good idea.

Anna and I are both pretty well traveled (thanks to all the great places our parents have taken us) as well as the program called "study abroad" (although not much studying actually takes place). Because of this, we both wanted to experience something a bit different then the cookie cutter honeymoon, not that there's anything wrong with a resort with a swim up bar (Not to rub it in, but the picture linked to the swim up bar is the hotel my parents and I are staying at in Maui this November...I know, I'm rubbing it in.

If you're saying to yourself, "Where are they staying again?", then click here to read my first post on our prospective honeymoon destination and then we'll all be on the same page.

We are going to stay at the Emerald Villa for a total of 8 nights sandwiched around 3 nights on our own private sailboat with our very own captain, where we will be sailing to Martinique, which is around 6 hours northeast of St. Lucia.

It's a done deal and anyone who's looking for a vacation spot, I'd definitely check out all the options on St Lucia.

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