Monday, June 23, 2008

Honeymoon Pictures

As most of you already know, Anna and I made is back from our honeymoon safely, unfortuntely our friend the frog did not...

Poor little guy never stood a chance. He decided to jump
into a sizzling pan one of the first nights we were there and we fed him
to the birds the next morning.

Here are a few pictures from our amazing villa:

The owner of the villa met us there on the first night
and took the above picture right at sunset. We were really
pasty white at the begining of our trip...

We had a 270 degree view of the ocean. We were facing west
so the sun set off our balcony every day. We thought our pool would be small
but it ended up being perfect and we spent a lot of our time there because it was so hot!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Dog...

I've been told that I'm annoying...I like to think I'm just persistent. I've been bugging Anna for around 6 months about getting another dog. I thought it would be fun. Anna thought it was crazy but after Pika left Durham for DC, it filled a large void in the Quarles household. What better way to fill that void then to get a vibrant, active, noisy, stinky puppy?!?!

So last Tuesday, after searching the internet, we decided to rescue a golden retriever mix puppy. At first, I wanted a pure bread golden (Like Rocco...haha) but Anna thought it would be awesome to rescue a dog that otherwise might not make it. She's always trying to help people and animals alike. We got this dog indirectly from the Robeson County animal shelter, which apparently is a high kill shelter towards the beach. We've had her since Tuesday, May 27th and we've had a blast so far...Here is a pic, her name is Indigo but we call her Indy.