Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Dog...

I've been told that I'm annoying...I like to think I'm just persistent. I've been bugging Anna for around 6 months about getting another dog. I thought it would be fun. Anna thought it was crazy but after Pika left Durham for DC, it filled a large void in the Quarles household. What better way to fill that void then to get a vibrant, active, noisy, stinky puppy?!?!

So last Tuesday, after searching the internet, we decided to rescue a golden retriever mix puppy. At first, I wanted a pure bread golden (Like Rocco...haha) but Anna thought it would be awesome to rescue a dog that otherwise might not make it. She's always trying to help people and animals alike. We got this dog indirectly from the Robeson County animal shelter, which apparently is a high kill shelter towards the beach. We've had her since Tuesday, May 27th and we've had a blast so far...Here is a pic, her name is Indigo but we call her Indy.

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gansie said...

she's totally adorable! can't wait to meet her. what does rocco think of his baby sister? and great name, although i could do without the car-racing reference.