Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A "Man" Purchase...

After over a year of talking about it (which is my way of rationalizing a $1300 purchase), I took the plunge and bought a 40 inch television just in time for football season!

With all this wedding talk I felt like I really needed to go out and "do something for myself" and I'm pretty damn happy with my purchase. From Saturday afternoon until Monday night, I watched 5 1/2 football games ( I couldn't make it through the entire 2nd half of the Arizona/San Fran football game that started at 10:30 pm).

Anna, however, has not enjoyed watching football as much as Joe and I have. Be that this is our first fall in the same town since 3 years ago (since Anna was in Pittsburgh), it's taking a little getting used to on her part (and I guess I should probably compromise and instead of watching 5 games, maybe just 2 or 3).

Anyway, The TV is amazing, best purchase of the year.

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