Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Streak is Over- Duke Football

Those of you who have suffered through the long, hot fall days watching Duke football lose 22 straight games...I share this moment of glory with you. To all of those who have tailgated with me, sat on the back of by Jeep, drank beer, played Cornhole, drank more beer (or Whiskey), this post is dedicated to you.

If you haven't heard yet, Duke beat Northwestern 20-14 on Saturday night despite not scoring in the 2nd half and almost getting jobbed by the referees.

Duke's head coach, Ted Roof, has just begun teaching the stiff arm
in his fourth year of coaching. In previous games, Duke players,
when touched would just go down, kind of like flag football.
However, when on defense, other teams wouldn't play
by the same rules.

The game was on the Big 10 network, which is luckily available on DirecTV. So I was able to head over to a buddy's house from work and catch the entire thing. Apparently there are a few pictures of me right before Duke won the game, which show me in different states of shock/hysteria/glee and prayer. If I get my hands on those, I'll post them here.

This was such a big deal that it actually made ESPN, check the last series of the game here.

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