Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Honeymoon Part Deux

If you haven't read my first installment of "The Honeymoon" (Click), check it out.This is the ONE thing I'm in charge of and by golly, I'm not going to mess it up. I'm still sticking with my original plan of a 10/11 day honeymoon including 7/8 nights in a villa and 3 nights on a sailboat. I was a bit worried for a few weeks because I didn't think this was actually going to work out, but last night I think I struck gold in one of my 1000 Google searches. Has anyone ever been to St. Lucia Island down in the Caribbean? It's a very small island (around 24 miles long by 15 miles wide) with clear water, mountains, volcano's and the required rain forest.

We will (hopefully) be staying at the Emerald Hill Villa, which has some views that are pretty ridiculous. It's an open-air house with a full kitchen, private pool, living room, etc. We plan to stay in the room for 3 nights, followed by a 3 or 4 night sail boat cruise around St. Lucia as well as Martinique, which is around a 6 hour sail from St. Lucia. The picture to the left is from the deck overlooking Marigot Bay. Once we get it completely finalized, we'll definitely let everyone know. Until then, I'll leave you with a view from the pool.

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