Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wedding Cakes

Breaking News!

Wedding Cake tasting is FREE!!! I recommend that you go to your nearest bakery with your significant other and arrange a cake tasting session, whether you're getting married or not!

Miss Very Very Good Girl scheduled a 2 pm appointment this past Sunday at Mad Hatter's Cafe and Bake Shop, where we were to partake in our first wedding cake tasting. Well, after a 45 minute wait (they didn't have us on their "schedule"), the cake guy finally showed up and gave us tons to sample. We just got the basics, such as yellow and chocolate cake, chocolate icing, buttercream icing (I didn't know what this was until Sunday) and then all kinds of flavored icings. They do some funking looking cakes, which are probably not our taste, but cool nonetheless.

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