Thursday, August 2, 2007

Rocco and his Weight Watchers

Several people have sent me emails saying that they do not believe the picture in Doggie Weight Watchers is in fact Rocco. I have been asked to provide other pictures of Rocco including him with a tennis ball, since he is a bit OCD when it comes to chewing them. What my readers want (all 3 of them), my readers get.
Rocco planning his attack on how to best eat the tennis ball (Yes he eats tennis balls)

Rocco coming back from his new favorite form of exercise...swimming.

Rocco's mission: Stealing a tennis ball from a neighbor's black lab

I received a call from Rocco's vet today, who left me a message full of excitement that Rocco has lost so much weight. The good news for Rocco is that he gets to eat more now. We are off Operation Weight Loss and now starting Operation Weight Maintain.

I hope this squashes any rumors of me trading in Rocco for a skinnier dog.

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