Thursday, April 24, 2008

Groomsmen- Dave Stone

Not including my brother, I've known Dave the longest of any of my groomsmen. We became friends in 9th grade as innocent freshman at Durham Academy. When I think of Dave, the first image that comes into my head is his Funkin Gonuts shirt and Timb's (is that how the kids spell it?) he wore to school everyday.

Dave moved away from Durham when we were juniors but we managed to stay friends throughout, which is pretty rare I'd say. He always is good for some humor, mostly inadvertent humor, but humor nonetheless.

Dave has a new nickname that we're really trying to get to stick. It comes from our trip to get fitted for tux a few weeks back. Pikason, Bennett, Dave and I all went over to the mall. Dave likes to eat (he's not a big dude, just has a faster metabolism then most) and we were joking around with him about it (as usual). As Dave was getting sized, we joked that his neck was going to be 18 inches (which is huge)...We started taunting him which chants of "Diez y Ocho" Clap Clap...and so on. Sure enough, his neck was 18 inches and we erupted in laughter, even the tuxedo people were getting a laugh out of it.

So that's his nickname and I ask you to please call him Diez y Ocho when you see him.

(So turns out Dave does not have an 18 inch neck but the lady found it so funny she just told us he had an 18 inch neck. Dave went back and got re-sized and hi neck is only 17 inches). Nick name still works though.

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