Saturday, January 5, 2008

Groomsmen- Scott Quarles

Starting at "Best Brother" is Scott Quarles.

Some may remember him curly haired Darryl lookalike. Well, not much has changed except he's now a 6'2", 185 lb, 21 year old junior in college who has his own apartment in Birmingham, Alabama. I'm ecstatic to have him as part of our wedding party. Over the last few years we've gone to Paris and Amsterdam together, been to a Duke @ Alabama football game (pictured below), and been to NYC a few times for Duke basketball games. I can still beat him up, which is refreshing but he's certainly not as gullible as he used to be (ask him to tell you the story about how Leigh and I convinced him that we were all aliens and we had abducted him). Here are a few pictures from the past few years. Sorry I don't have any from when he was a kid but the digital camera age really didn't hit the Quarles household until 2004.

He cleans up nice doesn't he? This was taken in the Spring of 2004 at our Cousin Emily's Wedding.

Scott and I in Tuscaloosa, Alabama watching
Duke's football team fall apart in the 2nd
half of a surprisingly exciting football game in 2006.

Needless to say, we had good seats at the Duke-Gonzaga game in December of 2006.

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