Monday, November 5, 2007

November Wedding Happenings

Holy Crap, I haven't posted on this thing in forever. Since my last post, here's what's been going on (get ready, a lot has gone on).

1. Anna has a new job working in Butner, NC in the adolescent unit of John Umstead Hospital. She started today.

2. I started a new job, still at Eurosport, but now as a Regional Manager. I now manage people, not soccer club business. Totally different.

3. We received our "Save the Dates" and now need to mail them out.

4. We visited my parents out in Kansas City and drove my brothers car 17 hours back to Durham, because...

5. Anna's car was in the shop for 3 weeks due to an "Oil sludge" issue. I wouldn't recommend bringing up this incident with Anna unless you really want to get on her bad side.

6. Anna had her first ever alcoholic drink on an airplane!

7. Duke football is now 1-8 and I'm offically asking for Ted Roof to be fired. So much so that I'm thinking of buying It's only $50.00 and I think it's worth it.

8. We had our 2nd cake tasting, this time at Edible Art in Raleigh. The cake was amazing and we're definitely going with them.

9. I ate Fois Gras for the 1st time (and liked it).

10. I ate Scallops for the 2nd time (and liked it).

11. I ate Elk for the first time (and liked it a lot).

12. We drove back from Kansas City with 48 beers and 6 bottles of wine. My cousin Sara called us modern day bootleggers.

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